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On Wednesday 29th April @TeacherToolkit shared a new blog/challenge for the educators on Twitter. TT follows around 600 people and has the best part of 93,000 followers. Wow! He is clearly a very successful leader. Previously he shared his top 101 Great Teachers to Follow on Twitter. I was thrilled to be included in Ross’ top 100. I have never met him but have built up a relationship with him online and I count him as one of my trusted friends. Thank you Ross.

Here is @TeacherToolkit’s new #Twitteratichallenge

As you can see he has listed his top 5 go-to people who he ‘approaches in times of challenge and critique, or for verification and support.’ (@TT 2015).

I read the latest post and I have to say I am truly honoured to be included in Ross’ top 5 educators, his top 5 go-to people. Ross has many people to choose…

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Becoming a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) #SLEchat #SLTChat


Since being designated as a Specialist Leader of Education in November 2014 I have had two distinct reactions from people. From family, friends and also some people in education I’ve had ‘What’s an SLE’? From people who know what an SLE is and who know how much effort I put in to my role I’m being asked ‘Why on earth do you want to add more work to your already busy life for no extra money’? I thought I would answer both of these questions in one post. I apologise if you already know the first part of this, but please bear with me as I have a couple of questions at the end of the post.

An SLE is an outstanding (not my use of the word!) middle or senior leader with a particular area of knowledge who can help to develop the leadership in other schools. Currently there…

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Life has become much easier…

Mrsnutty's Blog

Yesterday something struck me. It struck me by how much easier life is getting. Let me explain.

We’ve been here over six months now. Initially we had no idea where to food shop, where to buy toiletries or house hold goods. We had no idea where to buy footwear or clothing and was thinking how on earth were we going to survive without our shipping. Birthday cards and presents, where to get them? Where to go for the doctors or dentist? How to get around? How to make ourselves understood with no Mandarin at all? How to make certain recipes like gravy with no gravy granules or stock cubes so how to make it from scratch? Everything here seemed to be one challenge after another. We had arrived quite a few days before other ‘newbies’ so we needed to find this out with little help and we needed to find…

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Response to the Workload Challenge


Nicky Morgan launched the Teachers’ Workload Survey in October ’14 and promised to deliver a response in 6 weeks. Over 40,000 teachers responded to the survey, that’s a huge number of teachers who felt strongly enough about the issue to put pen to paper and speak out. I wrote my thoughts at the time in this post. I suggested nine things which I thought would relieve some of the pressure from teachers. I am pleased to see that several of my recommendations have been included.

The document arrived in my Head Teacher’s email in box yesterday morning at precisely the same time as I arrived in her office on an unrelated matter. We sat together and went through the response. Yes, we are that sad!

These are the main things which leapt out to us as we read through it.
1. Lesson planning.
2. Marking and reporting on pupils’ work.

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#1000years’ experience. My Contribution.


A few weeks ago the wonderful @ChrisChivers2 published his post which gives an insight to his vast experience as an educator. You can read Chris’ post here. Chris is seeking educators who are willing to share their knowledge of teaching and learning. He has extended an invitation to anyone to share their thoughts on education as succinctly as possible. This is my attempt at sharing some of the things I have learned.

As a leader build a happy school. This is not as simple as it sounds. Trust is key. Trust everyone to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Everyone wants the best for the children, trust them to provide it. Try not to micro manage. Do you really need to check plans? Trust that they are done. Do you really need to observe 6 times per year? In a successful school there will be an emphasis…

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So a year has passed since I wrote my Nurture 13.14 post
You’ll be pleased and relieved I am not going to go through each of my 14 pledges for 2014 one by one – identifying 5 successes of the year and 4 wishes for 2015 shall suffice I feel……………..

What of 2014 then?

I set up my WordPress account a year ago. My nurture 13/14 was my first blog and one of the challenges I set myself was to blog some more on a range of issues during 2014. I have been overwhelmed and really appreciated the positive responses and support I have had to all of the blogs I have written. I am not a prolific blogger but I do enjoy writing and I am really glad that others appear to have enjoyed reading. Thank you!

I had set myself a few work related…

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Wellbeing #teacher5aday


The lovely Chris Chivers has reminded me that I haven’t blogged for this yet so I’d better hurry up ! The new year is nearly upon us!

I have blogged before on well-being and was honoured to have it picked up by Teacher Toolkit in his August round-up! Interestingly my HT has just asked me to co ordinate staff well-being and I plan to introduce this concept at our first staff meeting; you can’t function in a school like ours without it!
It will be interesting to see how staff react to it…..we are a close – knit team ….but without breaching confidentiality I can only say we have taken a bit of a battering over the last few months and there is a lot of work to be done ( I will say this is NOT about management; suffice to say the HT and myself have been put under…

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#teacher5aday My Contribution


The wonderful @MartynReah has launched the #teacher5aday initiative recently and everyone is joining in. There are some wonderful posts on twitter on the topic. Please treat yourselves by looking at Martyn’s blog and reading them. I am late to this party but have decided to take the plunge and join in.

Martyn is doing the most marvellous job of encouraging everyone to think about teacher well being. Happy teachers equals happy children. Well done Martyn, it is a great initiative. I’ve held off for so long because I am one of those people who works stupid amounts of hours. I know many people reading this do too and we shouldn’t let SMW tell us any different. I find myself answering emails at all hours of the day and night. I have my phone set up so that emails land straight in my pocket, there is no escape! I must add…

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Nurture 1415


This is my first blog on my new hudl tablet! Yay! Hope this is a good omen for 2015!
I have just read some fabulous blogs on this theme from Chris and Sue and Jonny and Cheryl and more……and it struck me what a diverse and marvellous group of people grace twitter with elegance, humour, and individuality! Not only that but a love of children in all their guises shines through in a myriad of blogs and tweets….these are educators and human beings who care and then share! None of us are perfect but being passionate about  educating children, even those on the fringes, is a worthy calling and we should be proud of that!

This time last year I was not on twitter. Months before I had created a handle and an avatar but that was all. I tweeted once I think. At this time I didn’t realise its…

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