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This website has been created to reblog, collect and collate blogs and links related to primary education. Please let us know if you would like to become a contributor by tweeting @primaryblogger1 or leaving a comment on this page.

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  1. Hi, I wonder if you might find my blog(s) of interest. I’m a primary teacher with 30 years experience, the last 7 of which have been spent in Spain teaching Spanish juniors their entire curriculum in English (‘immersion’/CLIL). I blog about my experiences (inside and outside the class) at where I also produce ‘puzzles’ for teachers of MFL Spanish. I also produce resources for Primary MFL Spanish teachers at another site:

    My life in Spain teaching in English (while learning Spanish) has been published in ebook format by Monday Books (Frank Chalk: It’s Your Time You’re Wasting, Charlie Carroll: On the Edge). You can view the blurb here:

    Un saludo,
    Jeremy Dean

  2. is a new blog with contributors from across the educational world. Would love a reblog.

  3. I don’t see any chance of persuading Michael Gove to reverse his educational policies which, in my view – shared by many – are seriously damaging the education and hence life chances of our young. So I have been trying (with little success so far) to persuade the Labour Party (hopefully soon in office) to develop policies that reconstruct the framework of primary education and offer a much more enlightened schooling for both children and their teachers. I seek an end to Ofsted inspections, league tables, external testing before age 11, and an obsessive national curriculum. In their place I want collegial decision making in primary schools, with accountability through self-evaluation school reports (monitored by teachers at neighbouring schools) to local governing bodies and on to local authorities and hence to Parliament. Primary school teachers, in day-by-day contact know what their pupils need and the evidence of their personal commitment and professional training shows that they can, and should, be trusted to get on with the job without external interference. These ideas are developed on my new website There is a set of questions seeking support for these ideas and a blog page. Participation invited and welcomed.

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