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Life has become much easier…

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Yesterday something struck me. It struck me by how much easier life is getting. Let me explain.

We’ve been here over six months now. Initially we had no idea where to food shop, where to buy toiletries or house hold goods. We had no idea where to buy footwear or clothing and was thinking how on earth were we going to survive without our shipping. Birthday cards and presents, where to get them? Where to go for the doctors or dentist? How to get around? How to make ourselves understood with no Mandarin at all? How to make certain recipes like gravy with no gravy granules or stock cubes so how to make it from scratch? Everything here seemed to be one challenge after another. We had arrived quite a few days before other ‘newbies’ so we needed to find this out with little help and we needed to find…

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Author: cherrylkd

SLT, SLE, DSL, Assessment Lead, ITT NQT Mentor at an outstanding special school in Blackpool. MA in SEN/Inclusion. Writer for Bloomsbury.

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