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Teachers ‘ Workload Survey

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Education Secretary Nicky Morgan launched the Workload Challenge survey on behalf of the DfE via the TES website back in October.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development says that teachers in England work more hours per week than those in other countries but spend less time actually teaching children. Clearly this is not a good situation and something must change.

In today’s news Nicky Morgan stated that over 40,000 teachers had responded to the survey and to her credit she has promised to turn this around in just 6 weeks. She said that the survey would be turned in to ‘concrete action’ to reduce unnecessary workload.

Personally, while I applaud Nicky’s stance I hold a couple of reservations. For example, six weeks is a very short space of time to to respond in depth with a well thought out plan of action. Also, will the new master plan actually…

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Author: cherrylkd

SLT, SLE, DSL, Assessment Lead, ITT NQT Mentor at an outstanding special school in Blackpool. MA in SEN/Inclusion. Writer for Bloomsbury.

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