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A Parallel Universe

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Tonight Thomas Starkey spoke about feeling like …’ an empty atom in an empty vein’….the dark thoughts which can invade our hours between sleeping and waking and leave us with half formed impressions of helplessness and vacuity…..I am normally one of life’s ‘glass half- full’ optimists but this week I feel like I am existing in a parallel universe where the darkness is rising steadily and inexorably.

Last week I blogged some random impressions of events from the preceding few days and wondered what we are doing to our children. This week I am feeling this even more strongly and not in a good way.

Firstly lots of political things going on at the moment, locally as well as nationally; I don’t want to be too specific so I will stick to generics which I am sure will be replicated up and down the country. At county level there are…

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Author: cherrylkd

SLT, SLE, DSL, Assessment Lead, ITT NQT Mentor at an outstanding special school in Blackpool. MA in SEN/Inclusion. Writer for Bloomsbury.

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