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Getting Away With It

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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

Sam broke his leg when he was two years old.  It is the single-most horrible thing to happen to me in my parenting life (let alone to him).  Even more horrible than scraping poo out of pants or having a complete change of clothes for him and for me and scrubbing the floor after an episode of vomiting (we have only just persuaded him that it is not the bowl that is making him sick).  It’s more horrible than sleep deprivation, or tantrums or snot.  The breaking of the leg is top of the horrible pops.

Not only was the breaking a traumatic affair, but its consequences were too.  The following couple of months were hardly what a person might call a cake walk.  After three hospitals, one lot of traction and an operation to remove all of his tonsils and most of his adenoids, eleven week old baby brother…

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