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Tutor Tips: How do you encourage learning through play?

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It’s well-known that we learn far more when we are having fun and enjoying an activity than when we are feeling pressured or bored by a burdensome task. Unfortunately as students move on from primary education and into secondary education, school play is frequently pushed to the margins. This is often a result of dwindling resources, a lack of space and a notion that by the end of key stage 2 learning through play isn’t a priority anymore when exams and grade boundaries are looming on the horizon.

So here is a list of ideas originally published on The Guardian Teaching Network by Tim Taylor that might encourage your primary and secondary students to learn through play:

Exploring ideas, events and attitudes from another person’s point of view

The Iceni people of the settlement are faced with a dilemma: hide their Queen (Boudicca) or hand her over to the…

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