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Teaching: notes from the front by Dr Debra Kidd

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Teaching: notes from the front line by Dr Debra Kidd

‘What if education actually feeds… the refocusing of childhood from play and activity towards compliance and stillness… ‘ (p.50)

It is an important moment for education. The data collecting, level gathering, progress spotting, exam preparation focus forced upon English schools is driving creativity out, and with it goes any usefulness that children might have found in schools. The abstract world of such schools no longer serves as any type of preparation for adult life; except perhaps rote learning and information retention might help win pub quizzes.

Teachers are positive people though and have always understood that there is a difference between what you are being told to do in the classroom and what you know is right for the children in front of you. That has been the case for a long time but just at the moment it…

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