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Freeing the Angel

1. I will try to model the behaviour I want to receive. I will remember that I am a professional educator and that those I work with may read my tweets.

2. I will focus on sharing ideas, offering positive feedback, being supportive, friendly, and (hopefully) funny.

3. I will try not to swear. In extremis I will use asterixes but I will never swear directly at anyone. Mostly, I will just think it and not say it. (Alternatively, I will moonlight as @SuperWork2 or @BadTeacherTrainer.)

4. I will ask other people what they think, and try to take their viewpoints into account.

5. I will not expend valuable energy trying to get everyone to agree with me in 140 characters. I will remember that I can always write a book and then they can disagree with me in 50,000 words.

6. I will acknowledge when I make a mistake, and…

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