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When swearing in class was a reason to rejoice #restorativepractice

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Just last week, a boy who I’ll call Tom burst into my office, squeezed himself into the gap between my cabinet and the wall and yelled, “I’ve had enough of this fucking school and everyone in it!” After a little persuasion, he agreed to come out and we talked things through.

It emerged that he had offended two girls by swearing at them during a lesson. The incident had been referred to Head of House and there had been an impromptu restorative conference, in line with school policy. The girls had told him how upset they were by his behaviour and he had apologised. However, they had since withdrawn their acceptance of this apology and Tom’s meltdown was triggered by his continuing to press the issue without success.

Tom is happy to share the fact that he has Asperger’s. He has already given a presentation to his form about the…

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