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An Open Letter

Freeing the Angel

As parents and educators we find ourselves increasingly concerned at the pressure that is being placed on our children and young people. We worry about the long term impact that this pressure may have on our children’s emotional health, particularly on the most vulnerable in our society. We are concerned to hear of children crying on their way to school, upset that they will not be able to keep up; of parents worried that their four year olds are ‘falling behind’ or of six year olds scared that they ‘might not get a good job’. And we wonder what has happened to that short period in our lives known as ‘childhood’.

The pressure that is put on schools to achieve results, particularly in the tests that now form such a regular feature of a child’s life, has inevitably led to increased pressure on the children themselves. This is not to…

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Supporting a good cause and having fun at the same time! Sweet dreams charity diary


Doesn’t seem two minutes since @cazzawebbo sent me a message asking me if I would be willing to be involved in a charity diary to raise funds for @famholidayassoc and here we are with the diary almost at completion as Carol tells us in her updated blog

In the year and a bit I have been on twitter, what I have learned it is full of people who are supportive and generous and this project is a good example. Carol herself has worked tirelessly to get us to this point and many other people both directly involved in the diary and indirectly have given their time, support and in many cases contributed financially.

What I also know about the people on twitter is that they like to have fun and having all worked so hard to get the diary together, it is now time to do just that!…

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Should There be More Male Primary Teachers?


Yesterday I tweeted this link from @schoolsimprovent. The post was from a female primary head teacher calling for more men to go in to primary school teaching. ‘I don’t think teaching should be a female preserve’ said the author. The latest figures show that there are 3,680 primary schools without any male teachers which leaves many children without professional role models who are men. 

I thought this to be a reasonable thing to say and it was well received on twitter. One tweeter @isright disagreed with me and gave me cause to reflect. This is a good thing as we should all consider our opinions from time to time. He was very polite and said that what primary schools need is good teachers being left to do their jobs. This is of course true but is not what I said. He then went on to clarify and said that male…

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What It’s Not

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

Inclusion is a funny thing that seems to mean all sorts of different things to different people, so I thought I’d put together a list for those of us who have special people in their lives, be that professionally or personally; you know those people who find it difficult to learn things or have specific disabilities.

  1. It’s not saying that everyone is welcome and then being flummoxed as to what to do with them when they turn up and sticking them in a corner or out in the corridor with a Special Helper and a box of cars or an iPad.
  2. It’s not having the exact same expectations for them as for the rest of the class/group, all in the name of aspiration.
  3. It’s not letting them get away with whatever they please because, aww, look at them, they haven’t got much, or they can’t understand, or they can’t process…

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Finger Clickin’ Good…

Love Learning by Debra Kidd

I’m not afraid of a twitter scrap – or any scrap to be honest – but you have to think carefully before you take on people who you a) respect and b) suspect are cleverer than you are. And so I’m not sure if I was foolish to question the defence of the practice of finger clicking as a collective show of approval by Harry Fletcher Wood and Laura McInerney. But I did, and now I have to explain my concerns as some of the twitterarsy joined in with complaints that my concerns were ‘ridiculous’. Perhaps they are. But here they are:-

Before I start, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you may want to read this really interesting account of a visit to King Solomon Academy in London by David Didau. When I first read it I thought it just sounded weird and cultish but then…

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