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guest post #37 – Dr Richard Farrow – @FarrowMr

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20 years a teacher


They say when a boxer becomes world champion he adds 25-50% to his performances. The reason for this is not because he is suddenly technically better, but rather that he has the confidence in himself that he can achieve at the highest level of the sport. A prime example of this is a boxer from Sheffield called Johnny Nelson. Prior to winning a world title, Nelson had 12 defeats. After capturing the belt, he made 13 defences, a record that has only just been equalled, and retired without losing again.


I think teaching is similar. When you have confidence that you are doing a good job, you really do it better. But what builds confidence? Little things. Being happy to go to work, not being completely knackered every day, the odd bit of praise here and there, being listened to, success. What damages it? Bad behaviour, bad management, stupid…

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