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OFSTED and Raiseonline – should it just be up to Boffins in a bunker? What would you change?

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Chrismcd53's blog

As I said in my last blog Mike Cladingbowl said at our meeting that in his opinion Raiseonline was too complicated and cited an example of colleagues poring over a scatter graph when there were only thirty children in the cohort.

If my memory serves me, when Raiseonline was first launched, the Full Report was roughly 50 pages. Since then it has grown to over 90!

For me, Raiseonline has always reminded me of that Jeff Goldblum quote from Jurassic Park – the bit where the characters are sitting around the table discussing the merits and other wise of the park. Ian Malcolm (Goldblum’s character) says, of creating the dinosaurs, “You were so busy trying to see if you could, you never stopped to think whether you should!” The copious charts of every variety in Raise have a similar feel. They smack of boffins in a bunker thinking of ever…

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