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A refreshing lack of certainty: Reflections on researchED 2014

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Evidence into Practice

Yesterday, I had the enormous pleasure of attending researchED 14 and giving a talk (indulging in a rant) about the prevalence of pseudoscientific ideas within education. The talk appeared to be filmed, so if it turns up on the (shiny) new researchED website I’ll post a link here so you can watch me showing off in front of an audience. In the meantime, videos of many of the high profile speakers are already up and well worth watching.

“Excitement is a dangerous thing in education. We get excited about a lot of stuff and most of it doesn’t work.” Rob Coe

For me, the abiding theme of the day was how little we really know about education.

I think that’s something to be genuinely excited about.

Over the majority of my career, national strategies and Ofsted criteria, their status and efficacy unquestioned, have been handed down as received wisdom to…

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