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On Writing 2

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Class Teaching Tips

Let’s look again at that bottle. Several children decided that they wanted to write about it, and, even as they formed a fledgling idea about how they might write, they engaged in an animated discussion that encouraged more, and more imaginative ideas.

Firstly, they were enthused by the object itself. All of their senses were engaged as they handled it: they stroked it, felt its smoothness, its temperature, the way that there were some roughened places. They listened to the sound the stopper made when it rattled in the neck, or tinkled as it was taken in and out.

They sniffed at it, when they took the stopper out, just to check if it had ever held any perfume, and they probably licked it when I wasn’t looking, or would have, given half a chance. Most of all, they looked closely at it, more closely than I expected. Not only…

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