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Schools shape the character of the nation

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Mid – meeting Michael Cladingbowl made this powerful statement with possible attribution to Benjamin Franklin. On arriving home I attempted to clarify this but sadly it was inconclusive. I did however find this:

In the “Times of India” 31.1.2010 Dr Ved Prakash Mishra said…”the destiny of any country is shaped in the classroom”.. which is pretty close. He then went on to say

” schools are real breeding grounds for the students which shape their future and hence a teacher should try to inculcate courage, conviction and character in the students ”

Michael was talking here about the kind of future he wished for his own children ……for them to be happy and live full lives and enjoy learning. Yes there are arguments which say we have to endure boredom but he put a definite emphasis on them ‘enjoying’ their time in school. Happily this view was shared by all…

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