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A Brief Encounter: My Day at Ofsted HQ (Part 1)

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So here I am. Sitting in the morning sunshine, spilling coffee over the suit I had to fish out from hibernation at some ungodly hour this morning. I am off to meet THE OFSTED at their head quarters. I have two images:

Dark dusty corridors with doors carved from human bone where twisted, vaguely human, shapes acting as servants to the secret state are wringing their hands and cackling loudly in anticipation of the new dawning of the inspection season.


Cold hard white walls. Retina eye scanners. Memory wipes and grey suits. Data tracking across large screens and red lights flashing as the data eye finds an anomaly. As you stand like a rabbit in the heads lights staring at the 20ft letters spelling out POWER and in cursive script beneath… ‘We know where you work’

As I find out later neither are true. Imagine my utter disappointment.


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