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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

There is a pile of clothes in my house that needs my attention.  Actually, it’s more like three piles, but if I imagine it as one it somehow reduces itself into something more manageable.  There’s usually a pile at this time of year, but this summer, it has grown, by at least an Everest to gigantic proportions.  It is the School Uniform Pile, and, by dint of A starting a new school in September, there is not only a whole new set awaiting name tapes (he has assured me that he doesn’t mind me using the ones I got him when he started in Reception, the ones with little aeroplanes on), but another, in his drawers, awaiting sorting into Too Holey To Give Away and To Take To Place Of Work As Spares.  I must also go through Sam’s and L’s piles of uniform to check for holes and fit…

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