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Stack of Marking

“Sir, writing’s boring.”
“You’re boring. Writing is epic.”

Those are basically my thoughts on the subject illustrated in the form of the oft-repeated conversation I’ve had with many a different team of minions. I luuuurve the writing and find it difficult to tolerate anyone who doesn’t, which is a bit of a shame because that’s basically 90% of the student body. (Some of the remaining 10% also enjoy maths so they’re not to be trusted either.)

As an English teacher it goes without saying that I’m also a frustrated word-slinger (thwarted aspirations of being The Next Great British Novelist are pathetically standard for us lot) so I tend to get horribly enthused at the prospect of a bit of writing with my class. My beard stroking goes into maximum overdrive at the thought of having a go at a short story or a bit of poetry and this excess of…

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