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The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

Sometimes, being a teacher, especially a primary school teacher is a curse.  Education and schools are always in the news, and it’s rarely a good news day.  We seem to be responsible for everything, from childhood obesity to the economy, and not in a good way.  Apart from that, you’re never off duty, you’re always thinking about it, even at weekends and in the holidays, as you drag your family around some educational haunt or another.  There’s always something else you could be doing, something that you are not doing, and there is never, ever, enough time.  It’s exhausting.  But, and here’s the funny thing, for all its pressures, faults and intensity, primary teahing has been my saviour.

Even before Sam was born, in the early years of my career (such as it is), because of my work I understood something that helped me, I am coming to understand, in…

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