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That was the year that was: 2013-14

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Improving Teaching

The principal and proper work of history is to instruct and enable men by the knowledge of actions past to bear themselves prudently in the present and providently in the future.”
Thomas Hobbes

Whether this is truly history can be questioned; this quotation merely introduces a review of the year which may help me understand actions past and bear myself more prudently in future.

I toyed with a variety of structures, settling on an approach which proved popular a year and a half ago, examining four improvements I’ve sustained and three things I have dropped this year.

A good year for…

A good year for Adonis. A good year for Adonis.

Redrafting and dot marking

Beginning the year inspired by Ron Berger’s Ethic of Excellence, I was soon redrafting essays and then marking every book, every lesson.  I have become increasingly addicted to redrafting, using the same approach with every essay since.  Extending dot-marking to Year 7 work means I…

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