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Stack of Marking

I’m an English teacher so it’s not a brilliant thing to admit that I have rarely read a book on the subject of education in the last 10 years. But I haven’t…so yeah.

In my defence there are a few reasons for this:

Firstly (and most importantly) I’m a sexy teaching maverick and reading is for squares.

Secondly, it’s a bit of a hang up from my own training days as the literature that was fawned over bore little or no resemblance to what was going on in the schools I was placed in (especially in relation to the model of student that was being discussed). They were giving me Vygotsky, Bloom, and the reflective cycle when what I needed was Bruce Lee, Robocop and guerrilla tactics. This led to me being somewhat suspicious of the ideas held within the set texts that I had to shell out for, and…

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