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Second Impressions and the 5Ws

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jonny walker teaching

For next year, I am inheriting a class that I know very well. The downside of this is that they also know me very well. Too well.

Back in the bleary-eyed days of my training year, they were my Key Stage 1 placement class. They exhausted me with their incessant ‘being 6 years old’ style behaviour, which I was clueless about, and seeing them around school has served as a reminder of the emotional vulnerability of the Spring 2012 term. These little critters were the ones who read the panic in my eyes as we handled newly hatched chicks which both mesmerised and terrified them. They saw my behaviour management breakdown which was triggered by my  inability to get them to collect their coats at the end of the school day.

This past year, I have taught many of them but as their literacy or maths teacher, not as their…

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