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Goodbye Mr Gove.

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I’m probably alone in this but it is with mixed feelings that I say goodbye to Mr Gove. It’s true, I’m not a fan but I also don’t think he should have been vilified in quite the way he has been. 

Just in case there’s anyone left who doesn’t know, Mr Gove is no longer Education Secretary. He was replaced by @NickyMorgan01 in a major reshuffle on Tues. Michael has been Ed Sec for 4 years and has introduced many changes in his time in power. Some good, some not so good. Most have attracted controversy in one way or another. Here’s a list of some of the things he achieved. 

Introduction of a new National Curriculum, some subjects are excellent while others such as History have been criticised for being too pro British. 
Removal of levels on National Curriculum. This has allegedly done teachers a favour as we can now…

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Author: cherrylkd

SLT, SLE, DSL, Assessment Lead, ITT NQT Mentor at an outstanding special school in Blackpool. MA in SEN/Inclusion. Writer for Bloomsbury.

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