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The Secret Teacher, Staying the Course & Blowing Whistles

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This morning I read and retweeted a Guardian ‘Secret Teacher’ article on the horrendous mess to which high stakes accountability and it’s recently deepened links to performance related pay (PRP) have led. I liked it, at least in the sense that I found it awful but was glad to see it placed in the public domain for all to see. Like many of the Secret Teacher articles, it gave me food for thought and (yes, I’ll admit it) gave me succour that my own approach as a school leader is founded on much stronger principles and ethics.

Shortly after, Ros McMullen – a Principal for whom I have a great deal of respect, and with whom I find a great deal of common ground – put out a series of tweets in response to the article. In short, it’s fair to say that she was made cross by the piece…

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