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Hywel Roberts Create Learn Inspire

Hi everyone
Another year is closing school-wise, another year of NQTs successfully finishing what is arguably the most challenging of years in teaching.

Here are some pearls of wisdom from them for anyone who is embarking on teacher training or beginning their NQT year in September. There is repetition, but it’s all good.

These are their PEARLERS:

• Don’t worry about that child that drives you bonkers, you’ve also got 29 other less bonkers kids.

• Enjoy the challenges thrown at you.

• That you can be seen to have fun.

• Don’t do all the work yourself – use your T.A they are there to help you and know what they’re doing.

• Remember the rewards!

• Don’t let the odd bad days get you down.

• Smile even when it’s hard.

• Find someone you can talk to at school – but don’t become drains together.

• Make…

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