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Mr Gove, Today You Lost ME

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Neil Gilbride

Dear Mr Gove,

I have, secretly, always admired the place you have come from. Yes, maybe not your methods or beliefs are sometimes to question. However I have never doubted that you were actually trying to deliver an education which would allow everyone to succeed.

But recently, you have been making decisions which, in all honesty, has made me question if your judgement is lead by ideology and not evidence.

Case 1: The IoE

The IoE is one of our premier teacher training providers across both Employment based and university based routes. Ofsted appear to agree with this!

Furthermore, they have just been ranked Number 1 in the World Rankings for Education research. I am sure there are complex reasons behind this, but frankly, how could this be turned down? It is these partners we should be begging to open schools – not slamming the door in their faces.

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