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Wellbeing at Wellington……Where Else?

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The wellbeing of students at Wellington College is as important as their academic success, which is why Sir Anthony Seldon has invested so much in the development of the school’s “Eight Aptitudes”.

“At Wellington, we do not ask: “how intelligent is this child”, but rather, in what ways is this child intelligent? For all children are intelligent and they are intelligent in many different ways. We believe that everyone possesses eight intelligences or aptitudes: Moral, Spiritual, Logical, Linguistic, Physical, Cultural, Social and Personal.”

These aptitudes are similar to our own model of intelligences, though we include the “animal-like” intelligence of instinct – of not thinking, of reaction and the ability to control that reaction. The “logic” and “linguistic” aptitude is part of what we would call “intellect” with “cultural” being part of personal and social intelligence.

Aptitude tree Wellington

If all children and young people were afforded an education that genuinely considered all…

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