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Assessment as an Act of Love

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Love Learning....

Behold Zarathustra, new lyres are needed for your new songs.

(Nietzsche 1885/1995:220)


It was Rinaldi, in conversation about Reggio Emelia who argued that to assess a child – to sit beside them as the original latin suggests – is an act of love; an act of nurture – and in recent years there have been moves to make the notion of assessment more about development than end points – even as governments move in opposite directions. But too often, we fail to see that what we are doing when we assess formatively, is just push pupils down the yellow brick road to the exam factory. How often do our assessment processes really value the human being at the heart of the learning, or put them in the driving seat?

In school this week, we have been putting our Year 7s and 8s through their PDR process – (Pupil Driven…

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