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Learning Lessons from a very ineffective lesson on Mughal Paintings

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Miss Nell

imagesToday, I taught the first of a two part enquiry on ‘What can we learn from paintings about the Mughals?’. I planned and delivered this with a fellow History participant to a Year 8 class of girls in a London comprehensive, different to the one I am placed at from September. This is one part of our six days of ‘School Centred Learning’, and as you will hopefully gather from this post, I am finding it an extremely useful experience, despite delivering an undeniably ineffective lesson today. Here, I reflect on what went wrong, and the useful lessons I myself have learnt today.

The Lesson

In our planning, after much discussion, my partner and I decided that the best way to tackle this was to spend the majority of one lesson looking at paintings as historical sources, and developing their skills in analysing paintings in a historically useful way. The Mughals…

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