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EYFS – Are we nearly there yet? Not even close…

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Ok – let me honest straight from the start…I am not en expert on EYFS. I have taught briefly in Reception doing PPA cover as a younger teacher, but found it akin to herding cats whilst trying to teach at the same time.  Consequently, I am in awe of any highly skilled early years teacher who I am privileged enough to see or observe.

Herding Cats

So, why am I blogging about EYFS? Well, I am, but I’m not.

I recently went to a national conference regarding life after levels, or as Osiris would have it, “Effective primary Assessment of Levels”. UPshots of this in greater detail can be read on @michaelt1979 and @MooreLynne1′ blogs…Here and here.

What I’d like to pinpoint in a short sharp way is my concern over Assessment in the Early Years and the consideration or lack of it onwards…

So – what exactly is my concern?…

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