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A Personal View of the Festival of Education, Wellington College

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Anyone who is interested in education and has never been to the “Sunday Times Festival of Education”, held at Wellington College, should seriously think about attending next year. There’s an extraordinary amount of speakers – practitioners, politicians and a few famous people or two, all offering their thoughts on education now and in the future. So-called progressives, traditionalists, policy makers, those who have to endure policies – they’re all represented, with a fascinating mixture of attendees both from the public and private sector.

At £75 for two full days, it is truly “value for money”.

The most difficult problem to face at a festival such as this is deciding who to go and see. Having last year listened to and engaged with excellent speakers such as Hywel Roberts (an absolute must if anyone wants to see passion in education enacted), Guy Claxton (a man with a real understanding of the…

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