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Stack of Marking

I’ve never been what you would likely consider an ‘engaged’ teacher. I don’t feel myself nodding in agreement when I read teacher profiles on The Twitter that are on about ‘striving for excellence at all times’. That sounds absolutely bloody knackering. The closest I get to that is in the morning where I wake up, strive to smash the snooze button on the alarm clock, hit it, and achieve an excellent extra  five minutes of sleep. It all goes downhill from that point on. Neither am I particularly ‘passionate about the job’. It’s a job. It’s hard. I like it and all but I feel a lot more passionate about getting home, chatting to my wife and playing Monster-Truck Assault Course with The Boy.

(Monster-Truck Assault Course is awesome.)

In my everyday working life I have been known to coast on occasion, cut the occasional corner and I have a…

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