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Dear Harry: Seven Myths discussion continued.

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Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 09.22.11 Click to link to Harry Webb’s blog post.

This post is part of a discussion with Harry Webb, following his post linked via the image above. Sometimes blog comments aren’t enough!

Dear Harry

Thanks for your blog post where you’ve challenged me on my perspective on Daisy Christodoulou’s Seven Myths. It seems to me that there are several elements to the debate, mainly in two strands:

  1. The nature of evidence required to support the statements or claims we make in a discussion about our education system and the decisions we make in practice.
  2. The central issue of the nature of schooling in terms of pedagogy and curriculum and the extent to which the seven myths effectively characterise issues and suggest solutions that will lead to better outcomes.

To explore these strands, let me clarify what I consider to be the limits of the validity of my own arguments.  To me…

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