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Seven Myths: The Debate I Bunked

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The Debate I Bunked The Debate I Bunked

Last year I wrote a review of Daisy Christodoulou’s Seven Myths book.  You can read it here. I tweeted out the link to draw Daisy’s attention to it.  She didn’t respond or comment at the time.  I think it’s a balanced review and plenty of people have reinforced that view. There’s an opening section on all the things I agree with. It’s a blog review so, I’ve taken the liberty of expressing opinions and making a few assertions based on personal experience and analysis. Lots of if doesn’t ring true. That’s how I felt reading it.  It’s a legitimate response.

Recently I read a post by Daisy that cited my review, dismissing my views with phrases like ‘the only counter-evidence he can bring to bear’ and so on – as if the same burden of proof for a big-publicity book applies to a humble blog post…

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