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Northern Rocks 2014

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Today saw the inaugural Northern Rocks event in Leeds and although I will be the first to admit that amongst the pressures of exam season it snuck upon us out of the blue, my excitement for the event this morning was palpable.

The event kicked off with a Question Time style panel with an illustrious guest list who exchanged opinions, facts and, occasionally, blows with enthusiasm and honesty and it was an excellent opening to the day’s proceedings. Dominic Cummings was the main antagonist but he was ably engaged with by Kev Courtney (NUT) and MP Ian Mearns. The two journalists were fairly bland in their offerings and Mick Waters provided sufficient wit and wisdom that I intend on re-visiting his book in the not too distant future having been underwhelmed the first time round. The session provided food for though on the impact that PRP is having across the…

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