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the history of reading methods revisited (5)

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My response to some of Maggie’s most recent points:

Frank Smith

Maggie:Indeed, he [Smith] was echoing much earlier theorists, such as Huey, in this belief and, of course, by the time he was writing many readers may have been using such strategies because of being taught by Word methods (I’m sticking to my hypothesis!). I can’t find that he has any evidence for his assertion and, as I pointed out, Stanovich and West disproved his theory.

Me: The first five chapters of Snowling & Hume’s book The Science of Reading are devoted to reviews of work on word recognition processes in reading. Most of the research looks at the ways in which adult, expert readers read. What emerges from these five chapters is that:

• expert readers do not use one single method for reading words; they tend to use rapid whole-word recognition for familiar words and slower…

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