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@NRocks2014 a day in the North…

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Mishmashlearning goes blogging


An education event organised by teachers for teachers and the theme of Reclaiming Pedagogy. Sign me up,well even more forward, could I present for you? two Andys volunteered to present separately to the two organisers and we then joined forces as the #2Andys (Andy and Anne chapter).

Working outa presentation by email, twitter and phone with an overnight stay to check resources. We were ready.

Northern Rocks was based in Leeds at The Leeds Metropolitan University. The drive in from AndyYorkshire’s home saw wind turbines (year 8 unit currently) and then the Leeds Northern ring road displaying great transect evidence of settlement zones (last year 8 unit). 

Our chosen topic- Solo taxonomy and the globalsolo network. Well we set our room up, then the second room because we had been moved to the 2nd floor. Slightly more chairs, that might be useful. Off the Blue Hall in the rain for…

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