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Freedom from the Obscene

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Education: Your Mileage May Vary

Stay with me … it gets ranty in the middle but comes to a pedtastic conclusion!

I’ve just returned from the fantastic Northern Rocks 2014 #NRocks conference. It was an incredible day. If you have been anywhere near twitter today you’ll know second hand the absolute hit it was with the 300 attendees. Having a room full of teachers joyously singing “Always look on the bright side of school” after a day of workshops and networking really brought home something I have been struggling with for months now. We do need to be freed from the strangle hold of accountability measures, Whitehall diktat and the toxic influence of Gove upon our profession. We need freedom from the “obscene”.

I can’t remember who posed the question from the floor which demanded we move away from the “obscene focus” on English and Maths but they are 100% correct. I’m a head of…

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