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the history of reading methods revisited

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And here’s Maggie’s response to my comments, which are in italics.

On reflection, I think I could have signposted the key points I wanted to make more clearly in my post. My reasoning went like this;
1. Until the post-war period reading methods in the UK were dominated by alphabetic/phonics approaches.
2. Despite this, a significant proportion of children didn’t learn to read properly.
3. Current concerns about literacy levels don’t have a clear benchmark – what literacy levels do we expect and why?
4. Although literacy levels have fallen in recent years, the contribution of ‘mixed methods’ to this fall is unclear; other factors are involved.
A few comments on Maggie’s post:
Huey and reading methods
My observation about the use of alphabetic and analytic phonics approaches in the early days of state education in England is based on a fair number of accounts I’ve either heard or read…

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