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Reading and Not Reading. The books I read. Finally.

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20140530-111925.jpg Some of the books in my house. More unread that read. Sadly.

I was going to write a post about the new GCSE syllabus – but I got caught up thinking about my own reading history so, instead, that’s what this is. Having written it, I’d like to read others like it.  You can probably tell a lot about someone from the books they’ve read.

I grew up in a house of readers.  Everyone was always reading and we had a house full of books.  Compared to everyone else I was the non-reader.  My mum used to refer to me as ‘illiterate’ – a vain attempt to cajole me into joining the family gang.  I can’t explain why but I’ve always had a difficult relationship with books.   For one, I need very precise conditions to sustain reading for any length of time – usually holidays when there’s nothing to distract…

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