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The pen is mightier than the keyboard

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Distant Ramblings on the Horizon

..any theory of human intelligence which ignores the interdependence of hand and brain function, the historical origins of that relationship, or the impact of that history on developmental dynamics in modern humans, is grossly misleading and sterile.

Frank Wilson

There has been a recent spate of posts on handwriting, here (from @teachertoolkit), here (from @learningspy) and, the one that originally caught my eye a few months back, here (from @stephenperse).

2014-05-29 11.23.42

This has always been an issue that has intrigued me. My own handwriting is appalling. When I try, it is vaguely readable, but if i am writing quickly it soon descends into chaos. I start writing the next word before I finish the current one, which never works out well. I do the same when typing, but that usually turns out ok. Because autocorrect. Usually. The problem with typing for me has been that I’m not very good at it and for some…

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