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Huey, Dewey and…? a response to the history of reading methods

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Before responding to Maggie’s post, I want first to thank her and other members of the Reading Reform Forum for the vast amount of information about reading that they have put into the public domain. The site is a great resource for anyone interested in teaching reading.

I also feel I should point out that my previous post on ‘mixed methods’ was intended to be a prompt response to a question asked on Twitter, not a fully-referenced essay on the history of methods for teaching reading. It accurately accounts for why I think what I think, but I’m grateful to Maggie for explaining where my understanding of the history of reading methods might be wrong.

On reflection, I think I could have signposted the key points I wanted to make more clearly in my post. My reasoning went like this;

1. Until the post-war period reading methods in the…

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