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Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind

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Distant Ramblings on the Horizon

Back in the day, at my East End all-boys grammar school we didn’t have any of these namby-pamby American texts. It was a strict diet of Orwell and Dickens with a little bit of Brighton Rock thrown in for good measure. I also vaguely recall Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, but as this was forty years ago in Hackney that all seemed a bit too much like a normal weekend to be interesting, really.


My own study of English Lit didn’t go to well. I got a U grade for my O-Level. I suppose if you take up the whole of a 2 hour paper explaining patiently to the examiner that Dickens is a boring, patriarchal writer of uninspiring and repetitive prose then that was possibly the best I could have expected. I state this for no other reason than to give you a(nother) reason to ignore my opinions on the…

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