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Part Two – Amoral Children – or an Amoral System of Education?

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The following extracts are from the Guardian’s recent report on headteacher Richard Walden’s claim that state school teachers are “distracted” from the key task of providing children with a rounded and enriching education, causing our young people to lack values and virtues. This post also contains extracts from various letters to the Guardian on this topic, as well as our own comments on these matters.

Independent Schools Association: state schools fail to provide ‘moral compass’

State schools are failing to provide pupils with a “moral compass” because of the pressure on teachers to deliver good academic results, the head of a fee-paying-schools association will claim on Thursday.

Richard Walden will also imply parents are partly to blame by buying into the notion “that the only results that matter are those which have created added value in terms of raising a pupil’s statistical level more than the norm from one…

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