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Maggie Downie on the history of methods of teaching reading: guest post

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My previous post was a reply to a question posed in a Twitter discussion about a blogpost by @HeatherBellaF on the evidence for synthetic phonics. I’m grateful to @MaggieDownie for summarising the history of reading methods used in the English speaking world on the Reading Reform Forum site here. Maggie wasn’t able to post this as a comment on my blog, so I’ve reproduced it in full below. I’ll respond later. I’ve edited Maggie’s post only to include reduce spacing and restore italics. Here’s what she says:


Heather recently posted a blog about SSP which provoked a bit of a twitter storm and a series of exchanges over the quality of the evidence with another RRF message board contributor who posted her own blog in response.

Heather’s blog: … -evidence/
Response: http://logicalincrementalism.wordpress. … g-reading/

I felt that the ‘history’ of reading instruction’ run through in the second…

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