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Bright Spots: Friday 23rd May 2014

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As it was the last day of a short but busy half term, I thought I’d go looking for some bright spots today.  The day started well, when I received a message on Twitter from Jason Ramasami.  Jason had taken my ‘Expert Teaching’ flow diagram and pimped it up somewhat. It looked like this:

big5jrWalking around the school today, there was lots of examples of this in practice.  Read on.

In PSHCE, Frankie Morton was teaching Y10.  They had just watched a video about Lee Ridley, aka ‘The Lost Voice Guy’:

This was used as a great learning hook, to get students thinking about living with a disability.  Students were keen to share their thoughts and ideas – with great questioning from Frankie to challenge and develop their ideas.   This led on to a main theme of the lesson – resilience.  A great growth mindset attribute!

Down in

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