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Becoming an Effective Teacher

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Miss Nell

This is Part Two of my posts on the ‘Participant Preparatory Work’ we have to complete for Teach First, introduced here. Part One on ‘Putting the Pupil at the Centre’ can be found here.

What makes an effective teacher?
What do you need to do to ensure that you can teach effectively?

Two more huge questions.

The resources we are provided with in this module come from a variety of sources, all of which proved very interesting:

–          Video of Dweck explaining ‘Fixed vs Growth mindets’

–          A blog by Laura McInerney about Hirsch’s ‘Common Cultural Literacy’

–          A blog from Joe Kirby – ‘What Sir Ken got wrong’

–          DfE White Paper on ‘Importance of Teaching

–          Videos from Warwick’s Institute of Education on ‘What makes an effective teacher?’

–          Current Teachers Standards document

–          RSA Video of panel discussion on ‘What makes a good teacher?’

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