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Teaching is not for wimps…..

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Headsmart.......Reflections of a Headteacher

We are now at another half term. Only one term left to go. I’ve said it so many times before, but I’m going to say it again…..where on earth has the time gone?

Days are brimming with so many things to do, so many items to tick off, people to call, meetings to attend, events to be a part off….. The list goes on and on!

This is what it means to be in education….

People really don’t understand how tiring teaching is until they actually try it. Lately, I have been a part of so many conversations always alluding to the fact that we have it so easy. They talk about holidays and our hours. Sometimes there are comments that are so quick and sometimes meant in jest, that would infuriate any teacher to the core.

People don’t understand that as teachers we are on a stage all day…

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