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Putting Pupils At the Centre

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Miss Nell

This is the first of 4 posts as I go through my ‘Particpant Preparation Work’ for Teach First, introduced here.

Module 1: Pupils at the Centre

PPW Module 1 Learning Objectuves PPW Module 1 Learning Objectuves

‘Granting students ownership of the learning’

This module begins with an extended quote from an English teacher in London, who comments on the ‘self-fulfilling cycle of low aspirations, student disengagement and underachievement’ that he has observed in ‘challenging’ schools. He goes on to strongly vouch for the value of student-led learning for overcoming these barriers, and changing attitudes to learning.

robinson Dan Robinson, English Teacher at Harris Academy Purley.

When I first read this section several months ago, I was pretty much lapping everything up and assuming the quotes provided in the PPW document were a given – facts, rather than opinion. I guess I assumed that if Teach First included something in a document that every single incoming…

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